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Why Do Hair Extensions Shed?

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You just spent a lot of money on your prized hair extensions. Your happy p, you may even go on a date or hang with the girls tonight.

You go to the best hairstylist getting the hair extensions installed, cut and styled. Sometimes even colored professionally.

You have already planned what your maintenance schedule will be: Wash the hair every week keep the hair moisturized and condition every two weeks.

But there is just one thing you didn't anticipate, hair shedding.

Why do hair extensions shed?

Hair extensions shed due to a number of factors:

1. You have to keep in mind the extensions are sewn by hand on machines used by humans. This can cause room for error.

2. The texture depends on how much the hair will shed as well.tighter curls shed more kinky curls shed more.

3. So you may be asking yourself why should I invest in such an expensive item if it's going to shed?

4. User error. I have had some customers tell me they are extremely hard on their weave hair. But then they end up with damaged hair wefts from rough manipulation.

All hair sheds. The hair coming out ofyour scalp sheds daily up to 150 strands per day. Sounds crazy right? But it isn't.

Anila Hair Extensions are doubled for more weft secureness. And then glued for even more security. When you receive your hair you may also take a third step by sealing the wefts with a sealant of your choice. This will help slow dow the amount of shedding.

Remember some textures shed more than others. The straighter textures shed less.

It is best to reseal your wefts before each install. Sealant wears off after a certain amount of time.

Remember the science of hair extensions have come a very long way. i remember my aunts weaves, they were awful and half of her install would be in the sink from shedding lol!

A few tips:

Make sure your Anila Hair Extensions are well moisturized.

Take extra care when brushing from the weft area.

Make sure to tie your hair up at night to avoid tangles.

If you experience tangles around 4 weeks use a clarifying shampoo to remove hair product buildup.

After all Hair Extensions are just that hair, human hair. And it still needs to be cared for as if it were grown from your own scalp.

Please remember there's a difference from excessive shedding due to poorly wefted hair versus shedding due to daily maintenance and styling. Poorly wefted hair leaves a trail of hair everywhere you go. You find hair in your bag, on your child, in the carseats on your desk at work EVERYWHERE!

I hope this article helped to clear up your worries about hair extensions and shedding. Its a normal part of wearing wigs and weaves. treat your new weave with care and it will be a great experience.

Thanks for reading!