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PayPal's Buy Now Pay Later!

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As many of you may know PayPal now offers a buy now pay later credit option when you purchase from business owners with a PayPal account.

I have always been very curious on how this works. My initial thoughts were  "buy now, pay 6 months later, interest free" sounded way too good to be true. 

I am very frugal and worked very hard to fix my credit.

But, I thought let me give it a try so that if any of my customers were interested in this method of payment I would be better educated on the matter. 

So I made a purchase of approximately $300. Applying was easy at checkout I selected "PayPal Credit" instead of using my bank account. I was then taken to a screen where I had to enter the last 4 of my Social Security. This was because since PayPal buy it now pay later is a method of credit or a loan they have to run a credit check. I had to enter a few more things and voila I was approved with a line of credit!

I think PayPal's buy now pay later is great because for one if you pay off your purchase before the sixth month hits it is interest free. However if you make a payment on the sixth month you will be charged interest for the 6 months your account was interest free. You will receive emails each month and also you can check your account on www.PayPal.com

But come on 6 months interest free payments and a generous line of credit! That my friends is a shoppers dream. 

You can make your purchases at Anila Hair using PayPal's buy now pay later line of credit with purchaes of $99 or more!

Just make sure you pay before the sixth month hits!