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Caring for your Hair Extensions

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Anila Hair Relaxed Blend

Wearing a weave provides a lot of versatility when while allowing you to care for your hair. It is not only important to take care of your natural hair while wearing weave it is also important to care for your hair extensions

Good quality hair extensions do not come cheap so here are a few steps to maintain them:

1. When you receive your Anila Hair extensions you want to co-wash the hair to get it clean and add moisture to the hair. 

2. Once the hair has completely dried seal the wefts with a weft sealant or fray check. This will ensure minimal shedding. 

3. Once the hair is installed air-dry whenever possible.

4. To protect your own hair never go to sleep with a wet scalp.

All hair sheds even your natural hair. Once the hair is installed it is  important to co-wash weekly and wash the hair bi-weekly to remove any product build up.

At night make sure you tie your hair up with a satin scarf so you don't cause any matting. If you follow these steps you should have long lasting results with your Anila hair.

A few recommended products that are very affordable:

Suave Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner is great for co-washing and very moisturizing.

Dove Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner line.