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Hair Maintenance

Hair Care Instructions

At Anila Hair we are committed to providing superior customer service. Below is a guide to caring for your hair extensions. *Products recommended have been tested on the hair and are also budget friendly, these products are also great on your natural hair.

Before installing your new Anila Hair Extensions there are a few simple steps that should take place:

1. Wash the hair using Suave Coconut Shampoo. This first step will remove any of the manufacturers residue from the hair. After all it was processed by human hands you want your hair spic and span!

*while shampooing and conditioning the hair it is advised that you keep the hair ties on the hair to avoid tangling. you may also use a clarifying shampoo.

2. Deep condition the hair using Suave Coconut conditioner in warm water. Let the hair soak for approx 30 mins. You want to keep the hair lustrous and moisturized and there's no time like the first install to start this great habit.

3. After you wash and condition the hair apply a leave in conditioner and finger comb through the hair. At this point you may use a wide tooth detangling comb. Detangle from the ends up, moving slowly taking your time. It is curly hair and curls intertwine with one another gentle detangling is key to less shedding. I recommend the Jilbere shower comb, it's seamless teeth don't snag the and yank the hair which is best when detangling your hair and your hair extensions.

4. Apply a leave in conditioner/serum/gel. Recommendations: Noodle Head (sold at sallys), John Frieda Dream Curls, frizz serums etc. Gels: Garnier Fructise has a great scrunching gel this gives the hair more control, hold and a great healthy sheen.

5. Let the hair air dry. Normally it's best to hang the hair using garment hangers with the metal prong clips. This allows the hair to drip dry while keeping it hanging in the downward position.

Shedding no hair is shed proof, however there are things you can do to limit the amount of shedding. Sealing is a very popular method used to keep the hair put in the wefts and to assist in less shedding.

Recap of product recommendations:

  • Suave Coconut line recommended because it works and is cheap.
  • Suave clarifying shampoo.
  • Noodle Head (sold at sallys),
  • John Frieda Dream Curls, frizz serums etc.
  • Gels: Garnier Fructise.
  • L'Oreal Sublime leave in serum (AMAZING!) sold at salons or sleekhair.com.
  • Kinky Curly Custard.
  • Mixed Chicks leave-in (customers favorite).
  • Fray Block.
  • Small arts brush to embed fray block into wefts.

* These are products that have been tested by Anila Hair and have shown to work great. But any moisturizing line will do just fine ex. Mizani and Pantene work well. From expensive to cheap if you have product questions email us at: hairproductinquiry@anilahair.com