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Currently residing in Jersey City, NJ, NYC native and owner of Anila Hair, Tatiana created the brand in January 2010.

I mainly sell on ebay but looking to expand so you have the birth of Anila Hair. After receiving consistent positive feedback and a following, I decided to open my own E-Commerce store.

The daughter of a retired hairstylist Tatiana always had a knack for hair styling and healthy hair care practices.

I was tired of seeing women pay an arm and a leg for their hair extensions, and I figured I could bring a quality product but for less.

Anila Hair provides the best Kinky Curly texture out there at a reasonable price. I have naturally curly hair (but I relax) and I had the hair made to mimic my curl pattern which is more of a spiral. Most women from Ethnic backgrounds curls are more of a spiral from tight to larger in diameter, this helps the hair blend better with my clients natural hair. Alot of thought along with testing came into play to get the curl pattern just right.

So far so good many of my customers say the curl pattern is a dead on match for their hair.

Superior Customer Service Guaranteed

Having a strong business ethic from working in finance and just having common sense on how to treat customers I guarantee superior customer service. I read and collected information from hair blogs, youtube and the opinions of family and friends and as a result there were many complaints about poor customer service from other companies. Bad enough the prices for non Virgin hair was an arm and a leg you also had to be treated poorly when you email these companies and God forbid if you want to return something that was unaltered. I always had an issue with companies delivering awful customer service even though you were paying top price for their products, I am a consumer as well. In the sales business the customer is always right and from my Financial experience where most customers are irate I have alot of patience and professionalism when it comes to my buyers. It is not just about making money which is what most small businesses forget, it's about building relationships and a strong customer base.

Without your customers satisfaction you won't make it, eventually they will go somewhere else where they are treated as a valuable asset. Customers are valuable!


Anila Hair's commitment to our buyers is our number one goal. I strive to make a name for ourselves in the hair extensions industry as a stellar provider of 100% Remy Human Hair and pure Virgin Hair

All of our hair is Indian Remy or Virgin with no fillers, no synthetics, cuticles aligned, strong machine

fts with superior stitching reinforced with glue.

I will also sell Indian Virgin hair so stay tuned for more textures to come.